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Welcome to John Ghrist Agency, a communications enterprise that specializes in helping technology companies better explain the features and benefits of their products to their potential and existing customers, as well as preparing other corporate documents of a non-legal nature.

Our primary services include writing and editing of information such as press releases, white papers, customer success stories about software and other technology products in action, and executive overviews of how products function. We provide content for web sites, publications, marketing materials, and other venues.

We also offer secondary services in general editing, writing, ghostwriting, proofreading, and consulting on media projects. Our principals have more than 40 years' combined experience writing and editing for web sites, electronic newsletters, magazines, and newspapers. Their experience includes working with articles, columns, blogs, and books.

Contact us at or (303) 745-7522 for more information.

Some types of content we can create for you:

Press releases:
From your materials, or interviews with your employees, we prepare press announcements touting your product or product upgrade. We can even provide help with compiling a list of media outlets to which to send your announcement.

Customer success stories: We interview your selected customer, develop a narrative about how they found success with your product, and prepare a complete story for use in the medium of your choice. (Please see the "customer success" page for an example.)

Product executive overviews: We review your user manuals or other materials and write a concise summary of major product features and benefits that's aimed at decisionmakers. (Please see the "exec. overview" page for an example.)

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